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La identidad: el primer frente de defensa de tu organización

Thursday, March 24
10 a.m. / CDMX

In Onistec  we invite you to meet

our new manufacturer INTEL471


Intel 471 gives you unparalleled global intelligence capability for humans and machines. Whether you're scaling your cyber security presence or just starting to build your team, we can help you combat cyber threats.

- Presentación de Onistec Identity
- Conociendo Cross Identity
- Conclusiones Generales
- Preguntas de la Audiencia

Full Coverage

It offers our clients the ability to be proactive in monitoring and mitigating the risk associated with compromised credentials as they come to market.


Real time information

Adversary Intelligence provides proactive insights into the methodology of top-tier cybercriminals: target selection, assets and tools used, associates and other enablers behind them.


Focused automation

Continuous collection of cybercriminal forums and instant messaging platforms where adversaries plan and operate


Vulnerability intelligence

Through a regularly updated dashboard that tracks the life cycle of significant vulnerabilities observed underground from initial disclosure to exploitation to weaponization and productization.

Attend our introductory webinar

Thursday, March 24
10 a.m. / CDMX

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