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Jumio 2021 Partner and Certification Program

Turn good people into good customers quickly.

At Jumio, we use expert AI to discover the true identity of consumers quickly and easily. With Jumio, you can attract, convert and verify good customers faster, thus keeping fraud out of your online channel.

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We are partnering with industry leaders around the world to offer identity verification as a service powered by artificial intelligence.


Our partners leverage Jumio technology to verify their customers online quickly, accurately and securely with the highest levels of security. Our award-winning technology is used by a wide range of partner types.

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Soc i os Program

Verify the digital identities of your customers, at any time at any time, through the device they always have at hand: their smartphone. After the user takes a picture of their ID, they just have to take a selfie to verify, and in seconds their identity is verified online with confidence.

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Explosive growth

Get a share of the market

global identity verification

online that is growing.

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Genuine Customers

Get a share of the market

global identity verification

online that is growing.

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High Margins

Enjoy excellent profit margins, while working on

team with the industry leader.

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Sales support

Get answers to questions about products, solutions, services, design, configuration, and

demos to help you close sales.

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Account Protection

Protect your accounts with the registry

online deals and harness the power of the Jumio sales team.

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Technical support

Get technical support and training when you need it.

We provide training, online knowledge bases, and UX best practices.

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