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The challenge of building a 
true posture de 
digital security

building a truedigital security postureIt implies using an approach that allows achieving governance, global, comprehensive and convergent protection for all digital and human resources that may represent a risk to your company.

Axes of your next posture
digital security






Onistec allows you to implement a comprehensive security strategy that allows you to increase reliability, manage secure access, view and control devices in new and broader perimeters, and address all those points of risk that your company can face to get as close as possible to a safe and dedicated work environment.


Manage secure access

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Address all risk points


larger perimeters


View and control devices

With the inclusion of new ways of managing networks (BYOD, Home office, etc.) digital security services allow us to recognize the relationship that exists between IDENTITY and SECURITY, since it is so close that the most comprehensive way to implement a security posture is through the protection of our presence on the Internet . Taking a comprehensive security posture for your enterprise involves orchestrating high-level security strategies for all traffic on your network.


Let's make it possible together, through the different technology solutions that Onistec offers you. 

360° visibility of network accesses 


Comprehensive Threat Identification


Protection for endpoints, users, and workloads 


Reach the next level in online trust


of you


Zero Trust Security Approach 

  • Full visibility of network traffic

  • Access control

  • Embedded platform 

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