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Eliminate the
data breaches

DLP with built-in discovery + classification

SecureCircle eliminates data breaches and mitigates insider threats. Data remains persistently protected without affecting applications, workflows, or the end-user experience.


Zero Trust Data Loss Prevention

Mitigate accidental exfiltration, bad actors, and ransomware

  • Protect data when it leaves applications and repositories

  • Keep your data safe and encrypted continuously

  • Stay in control and visibility of data as it moves

  • Protect data within any type of file without size limits

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SecureCircle offers a SaaS-based cybersecurity service that extends Zero Trust security to data at the endpoint. At SecureCircle, we believe that frictionless data security creates business value for our customers. End users operate without hindrance, while data is continuously protected against breaches and insider threats. Rather than relying on complex reactive measures, we simply persistently secure data in transit, at rest, and even in use.

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Remove users from the security process

SecureCircle protects data transparently and persistently as it leaves applications. Data is always encrypted regardless of whether it is at rest, in transit, or in use. At no time is it necessary for users to make decisions about what data is important or sensitive; the data is simply protected by default.

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Quick and easy deployment

Unlike many traditional solutions, SecureCircle operates on a simple cloud-to-agent delivery model, which means fast and easy deployment, allowing our customers to implement security for their most sensitive data quickly.

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Transparent and frictionless for users and applications

When data is moved to endpoints, SecureCircle transparently encrypts the data in a way that is invisible to both users and applications. This transparent approach means that there is no need to change user behavior and that applications do not need to be integrated in any way to take advantage of the control and security that SecureCircle offers.

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Reduce cost and complexity

SecureCircle has a simple per user pricing model that lowers cost for our customers. SecureCircle further reduces costs and reduces complexity by avoiding the need for multiple products, software integrations, and ongoing management of security controls.


Protection that follows your data no matter where it is created, consumed, stored or modified. Control that is never compromised while access is enabled. Tracking of every action that occurs with the data; everything is an auditable event.

Integration of SecureCircle with CrowdStrike Falcon Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA)

SecureCircle automatically revokes access to secure data based on CrowdStrike's Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA).  You get immediate protection against ransomware, accidental dissemination, lost or stolen devices, and bad insiders.

How can organizations implement Zero Trust Data Security?

SecureCircle and CrowdStrike enable Zero Trust security that is capable of continually validating user, device, network, application and device status before allowing access to secure data.

How to protect data on endpoints?

For many companies, legacy data security approaches have limited their ability to provide security without impacting productivity. Learn more about how SecureCircle offers data security that increases protection against existing and potential future threats, without compromising the user experience or operational burden on security and IT professionals.

SecureCircle has clients around the world in finance, manufacturing, source code, healthcare, education, government, and media. 

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