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Smart transaction monitoring platform

Data-driven transaction monitoring for reliable risk decisions


The amount of money laundered, globally, since this page was loaded.

We build transaction monitoring and client surveillance tools to empower compliance experts

Sentinels streamlines your existing anti-money laundering and transaction monitoring processes at the root by generating actionable customer insights in real time. Your risk and compliance teams get a streamlined workflow that enables you to make efficient and secure decisions.

Sentinels unlocks internal data silos and aggregates external sources through simple APIs. These data points feed the insight engine, which uses granular rules and machine learning models to create a clear picture of a customer's current and historical behavior, a network of relationships, and a comparison with their peers.

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 Based on the positive and negative signals from the customer, the  Sentinels generates the following recommended steps. That means you can immediately focus on taking action, rather than spending time on manual inquiries and investigations. Sentinels captures analytics from your computers and uses it to continually improve your money laundering detection and compliance workload.

Sentinels platform

Detection engine

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  • Risk-based transaction monitoring loaded with predefined and customizable scenarios.

  • Library of more than 70 scenarios, easily adaptable to your context.

  • Configurable rules by risk level and by peer group.

  • Creation of alerts with risk score based on historical cases.

  • Flexible rule editor (no code required): compliance experts are in control, iterate thresholds in a sandbox, self-service, live generation of a backtesting report on chosen date frame, auditable, tuning stored parameters permanently.

  • Machine learning models to complement business rules focused on anomaly detection.

Rich client profiles

  • Profiles that include the customer's current and historical transaction behavior and comparison with relevant pairs and historical data.

  • Evaluate the network of relationships with a graphical network analysis interface.

  • Summary of account activity, risk level and historical alerts.

  • Editable expected risk levels, comment fields.

  • All relevant KYC, CDD, CRM and other external customer data in one place.

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Case management, investigation and risk management

  • Alerts are always placed in the context of all the knowledge we have about your customers.

  • Optimized and configurable workflow.

  • Complete management and evaluation of the alert queue.

  • Efficient volume evaluation.

  • Independent evaluation by function, with a full audit trail.

  • FIU reports with little click.

  • User and role management with user-adjusted revision rate.

  • Complete control panel with consultation tools.

  • Scenario / rule performance tracking.

  • Exportable report on risk assessment quality, team performance, and workload improvements.


Stay compliant and operate safely

We are ISO 27001 certified. Wide portfolio of strict regulatory approvals for our clients.


Quick launch with no overhead

1 <launch month. Ongoing engineering support. Simple and transparent pricing.


Enhanced money laundering detection

Increasingly accurate alerts. Reliable compliance decisions based on rich client behavior profiles. Future-proof solution that leverages machine learning.


Optimized compliance workload

Less manual work. Reduction of operating costs. Quick and easy reports (reports with few clicks).

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