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Seguridad Digital


Innovation in cybersecurity solutions

More than 10 years helping businesses grow! 

We develop strategies that satisfy the client through protection that allows business continuity and we focus on generating growth opportunities for the channel network in the region. 

our solutions

Recognized for leadership by recognized industry analysts, our solutions are designed to strengthen IT security posture, efficiency and agility with next-generation, proactive, online protection; providing business continuity and adequate protection against new types of threats and business risks.

Seguridad avanzada en móviles y endpoints 

Advanced mobile and endpoint security 

  • Advanced Endpoint Threat Hunting, Detection, and Response (ETDR)

  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

  • threat intelligence

  • Unifies EDR across mobile devices, endpoints, and cloud workloads.

  • IT hygiene

  • Incident response and proactive services for fully managed endpoint security

  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) for iOS and Android

  • Speeds up and simplifies triaging and responding to mobile threats.

  • Real-time visibility into vulnerable mobile devices and risk settings

  • Protects user privacy and conserves device resources.

Our experience

Somos una extensión de tu equipo de trabajo

We are an extension of your work team

  • Consulting services based on industry regulations and its security frameworks. ​

  • Next generation technological solutions and leaders in the market​.  

  • Proven technical leadership.​  

  • Healthy financial ecosystem that guarantees a long-term business relationship.​

  • Internet security, efficiency and productivity solutions

  • Brand positioning

  • Channel sales management

  • market penetration

  • business growth


Your objectives are also those of Onistec

We generate trust and satisfaction from our customers, we work on protection strategies that allow business continuity and growth opportunities for the channel network in the region.

  • Internet security and efficiency solutions.

  • Cloud-based security and productivity solutions (SaaS)​

  • Security consulting and professional logical security services, as well as advice for international security certifications and regulatory compliance.​

Our services

The range of professional services and cyber security consulting options we offer is strengthened by a portfolio of solutions that support our clients' business growth, objectives and investments.

Security Consulting and Risk Management
Trainings, qualifications and certifications
IT audit services and information risk assessment
Planning, design and implementation
Implementation and administration of security services.
Educational seminars on information security
Virtual Director of Information Security. (vCISO)
Operational security tests
Computer Forensics and Incident Response
Risks of
mobile channel
Benchmarking and risks to third parties

We work with great technologies

Cross Identity

We want to know your needs

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