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Take online trust to the next level

Automate identity verification and KYC with Jumio's AI technology.

The total solution to know and trust your customers online.

At Jumio, we use expert AI to discover the true identity of consumers quickly and easily. With Jumio, you can attract, convert and verify good customers faster, thus keeping fraud out of your online channel.

Powered by
Expert AI

Expert artificial intelligence thanks to true data and with identification ability.

Expert AI is directly integrated into Jumio's online identity verification solutions so you can provide a smarter, faster and more efficient online identity verification experience.

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Super fast and accurate

Use Jumio's expert AI to automate the online identity verification process and provide the most accurate measurements in the industry. Receive definitive answers in seconds and remove the obstacles that separate good customers from your business.

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Check from anywhere, from any device

Check more than 3,500 types of IDs issued by the governments of more than 200 countries and territories. And enable cross-channel verifications with mobile SDK, webcam, API, or mobile web deployment options.

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As simple as
a selfie

Verify the digital identities of your customers, at any time at any time, through the device they always have at hand: their smartphone. After the user takes a picture of their ID, they just have to take a selfie to verify, and in seconds their identity is verified online with confidence.

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Simple for good customers

Reduce the steps and time required to attract new customers, providing a more intuitive user experience. When environmental factors, such as light reflections, blurry photos, or poor lighting, prevent a successful online verification, allow users to make their corrections in real time by providing codes for the specific reasons for the initial failure.


Keep your online channel fraud free.

Stop cheaters from day one and keep them out with solutions that get to the root of your identity in the real world.

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Intimidate Potential Fraudsters

Selfie-based identity verification scares off potential fraudsters by asking them to take a photo of themselves.

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Automate Security Checks

Instantly verify the authenticity of official identification documents, ensuring unique security features such as holograms, watermarks and even laser perforations are verified and validated in real time, thanks to expert AI.

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Recognize Sophisticated Frauds

Identify deepfake mounts, bots, and advanced spoofing attacks with the best certified active detection on the market.

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Trust the Security Used by Banks

Among the companies that place their trust in Jumio are important financial institutions, payment, currency exchange and online banks around the world thanks to the security and data encryption that meets their high standards.

What makes Jumio different?


Fast + Accurate Verifications

No more sacrifices. Jumio automates identity verification so you can quickly onboard more customers while enjoying the industry’s highest accuracy rates.

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