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The Evolution of Data Protection: Cloud Strategies
A platform for disaster recovery, backup and mobility in the cloud

The only all-in-one IT resilience platform, converging disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility in one simple, scalable platform.

  • Reduce the cost and complexity of application migrations and data protection with Zerto's unique platform that uses continuous data protection.

  • Orchestration built into the platform enables full automation of recovery and migration processes.

  • Analytics provides 24/7 visibility and control of infrastructure, even in the clouds.


The Zerto platform, based on a continuous data protection (CDP) foundation, brings together disaster recovery and data protection in a single, simple cloud data protection and management solution in on-premises, hybrid and multi-media environments. clouds.


Save resources and costs by replacing point solutions with Zerto's exclusive software platform. Benefit from a unified and automated recovery and data management experience across all workloads.

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Disaster recovery

Zerto offers industry-leading recovery times for all recovery scenarios, including natural disasters, hardware failure, outages, and more.


Unlocking the fastest RTOs and RPOs with CDP to easily recover entire sites and applications in seconds on any chosen infrastructure.

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Long-term retention

Meet regulatory and compliance requirements, where data must be stored for months and years, while optimizing costs. 

With Zerto, data is copied from the journal to cost-effective on-premises storage or in the public cloud, driving cost optimization and elimination of troublesome backup windows. 

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Test and development

Easily launch isolated sandboxes that differ only from their production counterparts in minutes to leverage them for testing and development, patch management, update validation, or security analysis, all without slowing down production.

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Continuous backup

Perform daily backup restores to any application using local journaling technology. Recover without the data loss, downtime, or production impact inherent in traditional backup solutions. 

Easily recover deleted files, corrupted databases or ransomware attacks. 

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Data mobility and migrations

Zerto's scalable, software-based architecture enables mobility and protection of data and applications at any desired destination site, on premises and in the cloud. 

Whether you are moving disaster recovery and data protection to the cloud or consolidating your data centers, with Zerto you can simply migrate / move workloads in just a few steps. 

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Security and compliance

Zerto's granular recovery experience enables rapid recovery from cyber attacks and includes visibility and scanning capabilities so you can stay proactive and alert. 

Archive, store and monitor data for as long as needed and deliver automated reports for disaster recovery testing to meet regulatory and compliance mandates.

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