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Let's move from a Zero Trust philosophy to a true action plan.

What are the practical projects to implement Zero Trust?

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First let's understand what it really is and why it is so important to understand the difference between the concept of Zero Trust and Zero Trust Architecture.

The goal of Zero Trust is to make organizations resistant to cyber threats by continuously identifying and eliminating uncertainty in the application of security rules.

You have two

Your business must be resistant to cyber threats.
Maintain business continuity and data integrity even when attackers have breached defenses.
Stop living in uncertainty
Enforcing security rules should not be a game or imply any implicit assumptions of trust. To the greatest extent possible, it should be deterministic.

In addition, the application of security rules must be done continuously, using multiple input signals, even if it is for the same access request, since the context and circumstances could have changed.

Has it been clear to you what Zero Trust is?

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From a Zero Trust philosophy to a true action plan

When? October 21

Time: 10 am CDT


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To implement this plan, we will use practical ways to lessen or reduce uncertainty in the application of security policies and, more specifically, access policies. We are going to consider managing access to resources in three different domains:


Grant access:What factors must be taken into account to allow access?


Control access:How much access should be granted?


Continuous monitoring:How should organizations monitor changes in security posture?

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