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Corporate Identity Theft

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Método P.I.C.O

Over the past year, business identity theft has increased dramatically. Criminals carry out phishing attacks on companies to make illegal profits from the success of brands, leaving affected companies with detrimental repercussions.

PwC data revealed that 47% of businesses worldwide have experienced fraud in the past 24 months. Therefore, it is more imperative than ever for business owners to take immediate action when faced with any form of corporate identity theft.

One of the methods that have been developed to achieve a successful scam is what we know as P.I.C.O. which, below, we explain:


It is the impulse that is the biggest trigger for purchases or acquisitions, therefore, the first objective is to create a situation that serves as a pretext to make a decision that is clouded by emotion.


It is here that an individual impersonates the identity of a recognized organization or company to build trust or exploit elements such as brand loyalty or the illusion of belonging.


Depending on the temporality or the specific situation of the victim, it is likely that important dates or junctures of events will be used to exploit the need and the moment of need.


The sense of urgency creates a very direct mitigating factor about the possibility of losing the opportunity to take advantage of or consume within a limited period. Haste leaves very little room for logical and conscious reasoning.

With BeyGoo you can receive an alert that makes it visible when someone is impersonating your organization on social networks, websites, or entire domains and the corresponding measures can be taken.


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