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CRCA: Conference 2023 – El Caribe por la excelencia en cumplimiento.

Cayman Islands – October 2023.

On October 12 and 13, Onistec had the honor of participating in partnership with eShore and Cloudflare in the 2023 CRCA: Conference. Two days of activities reaffirm the importance of providing compliance areas with solutions that allow to strengthen protection postures at all levels of security.

For Onistec, maintaining constant contact with the Caribbean market is a priority, and for that eShore has provided us with accompaniment and expertise; these types of events are a unique opportunity to connect with the latest developments in the market and the regulations that the region has implemented and thus find a balance between the security postures of organizations, their specific needs and the guidelines to comply with internal or external regulations depending on the territory in which they are located.

In addition, Onistec has added Cloudflare to the equation, a vendor that has proven to be able to strengthen security and compliance strategies thanks to its effective range of products and solutions that not only allow communication networks to be more efficient but also offer a variety of options for compliance areas to achieve their objectives in a consistent and uninterrupted manner.

At the CRCA: Conference 2023, we found a forum for development, training, and networking with prestige and a lot of market potential in the Caribbean area. We thank eShore and Cloudflare for trusting Onistec to keep us in synergy with the goal of keeping reliable and innovative solutions in the world of cybersecurity within reach of the region.


Together for a better-protected cyber world.

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