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CrowdStrike Selects Onistec, LLC for The Americas “AMER” Partner 2023 Award Winner.

Updated: Nov 6

18 de septiembre de 2023 -

At CrowdStrike’s annual event, Fal.Con 2023 Onistec, LLC “Together for a better protected cyberworld”, announced it was named the CrowdStrike Americas “AMER” Partner 2023 Award Winner of the Year.

Onistec demonstrated excellence in developing a strong partner ecosystem, leading to new business growth with the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform, greatly helping companies simplifying and improving their security posture as well as enhance visibility, continuity and automation sustaining critical business continuity.

“CrowdStrike’s recognition of Onistec as The Americas “AMER” Partner 2023 Award Winner validates our commitment to innovation and are honored and proud to be part of a market-leading ecosystem. With CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform, Onistec delivers a tangible value and business proposition to our partner ecosystem, enabling for new revenue opportunities while enhancing our partner’s security advisor status and trust with their customers.” said Francisco José Odón, Onistec CEO.

Revealed during the Partner Summit on day one of Fal.Con 2023, CrowdStrike’s marquee annual event and cybersecurity event experience of the year offering three-plus days of a-list keynotes and more than 100 breakout sessions, CrowdStrike recognizes partners that deliver innovation and business outcomes with the CrowdStrike Falcon Platform, exceed revenue expectations, and build successful customer relationships. As the Falcon platform quickly becomes cybersecurity’s XDR ecosystem, CrowdStrike is dedicated to celebrating partners that develop and deliver powerful security solutions and services on the platform.

“We congratulate all of the 2023 Partners Award Winners,” said Daniel Bernard, chief business officer at CrowdStrike. “‘We stop breaches’ is a team sport, encompassing our partner ecosystem. As the ecosystem of XDR, CrowdStrike is committed to recognizing and collaborating with partners that innovate, expand, and scale with our industry-leading platform.”

CrowdStrike delivers exclusive support and access to partners through the CrowdStrike Accelerate Partner Program, an elite network of partners that deliver the solutions, intelligence, and security expertise that is required to combat today’s advanced cyber adversaries.

About Onistec, LLC

Founded in 2011, ONISTEC is a disruptive Solution Integrator Distributor with a strong focus on providing top-cybersecurity solutions and services to enterprise organizations through a highly specialized partner ecosystem. As leading value add Solution Integrator distributor, Onistec brings expertise in areas such as Digital Corporate Identity, Data and Infrastructure Security, and Business Continuity. Through its consulting division Onistec provides Risk Management, Compliance, Governance sand security assessment services to help organizations improve their cybersecurity defense strategies and remediations effectiveness.

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