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Navigating the Challenge of Cybersecurity Efficiency in the Caribbean

Trinidad & Tobago.

On November 2nd, Onistec had the honor of participating in the event: The challenge of achieving efficiency through the consolidation of cybersecurity providers, organized by one of our strategic partners in the Caribbean region: eShore. The main objective of this event was to publicize the benefits and advantages of the existing implementation between CrowdStrike and Cloudflare solutions.

To begin, our CEO, José Francisco Odón, welcomed the event by highlighting the importance of having robust digital protection in organizations and in the case of two well-known vendors, having the support and prestige of two of the most competitive solutions in the market. Subsequently, Andrew Wilkinson, Senior Technical Account Manager at eShore, spoke to us about the predominant role that eShore has played in the Caribbean region, as well as the vertical column of solutions they have positioned and their impact on the list of clients that has helped improve their security posture.

Then, Oscar Méndez, Regional Sales Manager, of CrowdStrike gave us a very specific overview of what CrowdStrike has implemented in recent months, he explained why CrowdStrike's positioning has been strengthened with the additions towards other aspects of security, such as identity and the storage of log data.

Finally, Javier Ortiz: Strategic Account Manager at Cloudflare, began his presentation by presenting the strategic points in which Cloudflare has evolved, as well as the way in which Cloudflare allows to centralize and consolidate network and device security aspects in a single service provider.

The result of these presentations is to provide the meeting point where CrowdStrike and Cloudflare complement each other, and this is Zero Trust. Having a network as wide as Cloudflare's and CrowdStrike's endpoint protection power allow users to move closer to the ideal Zero Trust posture where organizations strengthen their security posture through vendor consolidation.

Onistec strengthens its presence in the Caribbean region by synergizing with its most recognized technology partners to maintain its mission to make the internet a safer place for all.

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