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SecureCircle Secures External Collaboration

SecureCircle's Secure Send protects data shared with third parties including collaboration and editing with Microsoft Office 365.

SecureCircle's core features protect data that should never leave the organization such as source code and internal confidential data. For the 1% of data that is shared with external parties,

* Los terceros externos requieren una cuenta de Office 365 válida.

Secure Send protects data.

Secure Send integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and provides agentless secure collaboration, allowing users to share externally without releasing control of the data.

• Data is always secured even while editing

• Agentless experience with Microsoft Office Online. Supports Office file types.

• Revoke and change access permission in real-time

Why do our customers use SecureCircle?

SecureCircle delivers a SaaS-based cybersecurity service that extends Zero Trust security to data on the endpoint. At SecureCircle, we believe frictionless data security drives business value for our customers. End users operate without obstacles, while data is continuously secured against breaches and insider threats. Instead of relying on complex reactive measures, we simply secure data persistently in transit, at rest, and even in use.

• Remove users from the security process

• Rapid and simple deployment

• Transparent and firctionless to users and applications

• Reduce cost and complexity

With automatic persistent security of data, SecureCircle delivers transparent and frictionless data security to applications and users, reducing cost and operational complexity, and rapid and efficient deployment; without the need to incur in complex processes such as data classification and discovery services.

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