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The challenge of achieving efficiency through the consolidation of cybersecurity providers

Eficiencia a través de la consolidación de proveedores de ciberseguridad

Improving Cyber Defense Through Unification  

CrowdStrike & Cloudflare

The integration of Cloudflare and CrowdStrike represents a formidable synergy that enables organizations to navigate today's complex and changing cybersecurity landscape with unprecedented effectiveness.



Trinidad & Tobago


The BRIX Autograph Collection
2-4 Coblentz Ave, Port of Spain, Trinidad y Tobago

9:00- 11:00 am

With identity-based threats on the rise, organizations are grappling with the imperative to protect their data and systems from increasingly sophisticated attacks that target specific user identities. 

In addition, regulatory compliance has become non-negotiable, and companies must demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations and privacy laws. The integration of CrowdStrike XDR and Cloudflare's platform emerges as a game-changer in addressing these pressing concerns.

Plataformas de ciberseguridad

This collaboration not only strengthens security; It revolutionizes it.

Automating threat detection and response enables organizations to detect identity-related threats in real-time and respond with unprecedented agility.


Compliance efforts are simplified as organizations gain better visibility and control over their security infrastructure, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies.

Trabajando desde casa

 Let's talk about 


We will explore the growing threat landscape of identity-based attacks and how the integration of CrowdStrike XDR and Cloudflare's platform provides advanced capabilities to detect and mitigate these threats.

Cloudflare and CrowdStrike's collaboration creates a security powerhouse that provides comprehensive, intelligent, and agile protection against the full spectrum of cyber threats.

By combining their strengths, organizations can strengthen their security posture, optimize operations, and adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape with confidence and efficiency. This partnership reflects a strategic investment to safeguard critical assets and ensure the resilience of modern digital infrastructures.
Onistec, LLC

Activity with limited space


For questions and additional information contact Andrew Wilkinson

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