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Identity First: Visibility, continuity and automation of business cybersecurity

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The Onistec panel of experts: IdentityFirst, organized by Onistec, a value-added wholesaler specialized in Cybersecurity, brought together different specialists around this methodology, which impacts companies from all industries.

Bogotá, D.C. september 2023.-

Onistec: IdentityFirst is a strategy from the point of view of the framework, which does not focus only on the issue of user identities. It also allows organizations to see how to improve their security posture, focusing entirely on maintaining security in all parts of their digital presence.

This methodology covers identities, reputation, digital interaction, assets outside and inside the company and the care of users, both internal and external, as well as policies and processes.

"By taking Identity First into account, an approach with a 360-degree posture is achieved, where control, identity, governance, process automation and business continuity are affirmed," says Francisco Odón, CEO of Onistec.

Who benefits from Identity First?

The opportunities are many, in a company there are different areas that can receive important benefits to achieve greater security and possibilities for business growth, for example:

  • In the Compliance Area, he helps validate data protection laws and regulations, which are a critical issue today.

  • In the Technology Area, it helps to reduce rework and improve governance issues and privileged access, among others.

  • In the Operations Area, when the profiles are defined correctly, it becomes a matter of greater efficiency and security.

  • In the Human Resources Area, you can control the entire life cycle of people in a company efficiently.

In addition, "it supports training issues to make people aware of the care of their identity and can be elevated to the CIO layer, which supports future projects and strategies for the company," added Marco Díaz, Commercial Director of Onistec.

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