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Shared Vision for a Secure Future: CrowdStrike and Onistec

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

On August 17, Onistec was pleased to join the CrowdStrike initiative and participate in the event "In the sights of the adversary" in Guatemala City.

During a long day where we first received several partners from the region and then a group of representatives of business opportunities, we had the opportunity to share different points of view on the current cyber threats and their possible impact on organizations.

The first conference given by Ivan Anaya, Solutions Architect, showed us the current threat landscape and how organizations can be one step ahead in creating a security strategy that guarantees the protection of their most important digital assets.

Afterwards, Fernando Quintero, VP of CrowdStrike Latin America moderated the expert panel entitled Cybersecurity in Banking, Telco and Aviation where the main challenges that these industries face and how the specific threat landscape has been developing for them were discussed.

With the participation of our CEO, Francisco Odón, Onistec takes another step in building a solid mosaic of cybersecurity options for the Central American region and consolidates its presence in Latin America as the valuable technology partner that it is.

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